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Johnny Rocketseed

11/6/12 11:41 pm - Better!

Tonight: better than the same night in 2000.

Thank you, people.

10/4/11 06:14 pm - When in Rome

Poll #1784289 su casa es me casa

When I'm in the house of a close friend who does things a little bit differently from the way I do,

I act pretty much the same way I would at my own house.
I act more like the way my friend acts at their house.
I don't notice and/or think about these things.

(E.g. whether to load forks into the dishwasher tines up or tines down)

9/19/11 01:14 pm - FOOF, etc.

There's this chemist who writes a blog, and one of his best categories of blog entry is "Things I Won't Work With." In these entries, he describes substances that are so toxic, explosive, or otherwise dangerous that he refuses to ever work with them, and with good (and entertainingly articulated) reason!

One of my favorite entries is "Sand Won't Save You This Time", about chlorine triflouride. [Important vocabulary word reading the blog post: hypergolic. It means: ignites spontaneously on contact, with no heat or other ignition trigger needed.]

Wikipedia has this to say about trying to put out a ClF3 fire: "most general-purpose fire suppression hardware is either incapable of suppressing this oxidation or can aggravate it; ClF3 has been reported to burn sand, asbestos, and other highly fire-retardant materials, reacts violently with water-based suppressors, and oxidizes in the absence of atmospheric oxygen, rendering atmosphere displacement suppressors such as Halon and CO2 ineffective. It ignites glass on prolonged contact." I can see why our blogger won't work with this substance, but his blog post explains it far better than I, or wikipedia, ever could.

8/15/11 01:38 pm - Fire music?!

Quick: name a fire-, burning-, heat-, desert-, or dust- themed song!

- Burning Down The House
- Another One Bites The Dust
- Disco Inferno
- Put Out The Fire
- Firework

What else could go on this Burning-Man-Music list?

(Yeah, it is weird that alernating tracks are by Queen...)

7/1/11 04:54 pm - You'd +1 this

Google+ people: you KNOW you'd +1 this!

6/30/11 02:24 pm - Bike cargo trailer ?

I'm looking for a way to pull a relatively large, heavy box[1] behind a bicycle. Do you have any good recommendations for a bike cargo trailer? Do you have a bike trailer that you might be ready to part with, for love or money? Stray thoughts?

1 The box is roughly 40" long, 20" wide, and 20" high, and weighs roughly 120 lbs. I'm absolutely certain that you're not curious what's in it.

6/17/11 02:36 pm - [POLL] Dratskies!

Poll #1753107 Dratskies!



6/15/11 10:23 pm - It's just a kss away

Poll #1752658 It's just a dot away

Which way?

Gimme Shelter
Gimmie Shelter

(Deduct two points if you Google, and another two if you read the Wikipedia entry before answering.)

6/13/11 03:51 pm - Who wears the pants in your mouth?

Poll #1751957 Talk about

Of these two statements, which is MORE correct for YOU? "In one-on-one conversations...

we spend more time talking about topics that I gravitate toward"
we spend more time talking about topics that THE OTHER PERSON gravitates toward"

5/10/11 10:36 pm - 水煮牛肉

I think that 水煮牛肉 (lit. "water-cooked beef"... but don't believe it for a second; a better name would be "zomg chili-stewed beef") might be my new favorite dish.
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